Analysys International Says China's Registered Bloggers Doubled in the First 3 Quarters of 2005 with QQ, Netease and Blogcn Ranking in the Top 3

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    BEIJING, Nov. 23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Analysys International found that China's registered bloggers had doubled in numbers in the first 3 quarters of 2005 in its recently released Quarterly Tracker on Internet Market 2005-Q3. Analysis International also gives an analysis on the causes and business models as well as provides the lists of top blog service providers in aspect of market shares.

    According to Analysys International's study, China's blog market is evolving from the user cultivation phase to rapid growth phase, although the business model is still immature. Most blog service providers are trying to attract more users by proactively developing new products and launching featured services. By the end of Q3 of 2005, total registered users had reached 33.36 million, more than twice compared with the user number of 14.75 millions at the end of 2004.

    The involvement of large portals such as Sino Blog and MSN Spaces and some instant messaging service providers like Tencent is the main reason to drive the rapid growth of user numbers. Meanwhile many blog service providers are trying hard on business model innovation. When most of the bloggers enjoy the free service, some high-end users showed their acceptance of the paid VIP services, mobile blog service and paid blog space. Q-zone of QQ, Buluo of Netease and Blogcn becomes the top 3 blog service providers in Q3 2005.

    ''The current blog services of main portals are a combination of channels and wireless VAS, which is still similar to WEB 1.0. Compared with traditional BSP, portals like Sina and Sohu have the competitive advantage of higher eye-catching capabilities, which will pose threat to traditional BSPs,'' says Sun Lilin, an analyst from Analysys International. ''But due to the innate nature of loyalty of blog services and different positioning between portals and traditional BSPs, it's impossible for portals to replace the traditional BSPs. The involvement of portals will drive blog services to become diversified in business models.''

    This subject will be discussed with other key industry issues in the coming TMT Industry Annual Summit held by Analysys International on December 9th 2005 in Beijing. Additional information is available in Analysys International's data report: Quarterly Tracker on Internet Market 2005-Q3 available in Analysys International's website: .

    About Analysys International

    Analysys International is the leading Internet based provider of business information about technology, media and the telecom industry in China with the mission to help their clients make better business decisions. They provide data, information and advice to 10,000 clients worldwide, representing 1,500 distinct organizations, deliver over 150 consulting engagements a year, and hold more than 20 events that draw in over 8,000 attendees. Their clients include executives from companies like technology vendors, vertical information technology users, as well as professionals from professional service companies, the investment community and government agencies. For more information, please visit the web site at .

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