Apple's iPod 'Nano' Sets the Stage for 'Nanocasting' - A Business Model for Podcasting

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Jackstreet Media Launches Five Pilot Radio Programs Based on the Nanocasting

     Business Model

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15 -Today Jackstreet Media launched five online radio pilot programs that have been developed using the Nanocasting business model. Nanocasting is a model for commercial podcasting based on established media and direct marketing principles. Nanocasting differs from early podcasting by beginning with a clear definition of the target audience, the business model, the revenue model and use of a system specifically developed for targeting commercial audiences called RTS (Really Targeted Syndication). The pilots go beyond the advertising, sponsorship and subscription based thinking to use podcasting in very creative, customized, commercial applications designed to achieve specific measurable business goals.

    The five programs launched are part of a Nanocasting pilot series which covers diverse content including book publishing, mind body fitness, emergency preparedness, marketing, HIV/AIDS, corporate business, personal development and consumer issues. Each of the programs began with a business plan and a path to profitability, mapped out before the podcast was developed. The pilot programs fall into three categories: podcast "based," podcast "dependent" and podcast "enhanced." The categories refer to the relationship of podcasting to the overall business model. Each of the nanocasted programs is at a different stage of development, and three have already achieved their initial business objectives.

    "There is much, much, more to commercial podcasting than selling advertising, sponsorships or subscriptions. These business models are on the cutting edge of using podcasting commercially and are drawing from media fundamentals, marketing fundamentals and a decade of ecommerce experience" said Errol Smith, Emmy(R) winning founder of Jackstreet Media.

    Nanocasting is a market tested approach that blends podcasting, streaming and ecommerce technologies into a market tested system for using online radio commercially. "Until last week the term 'nano' had very little mindshare within the podcasting community, but when Steven Jobs introduced the term to the mainstream, he helped us pave the way for the introduction of a commercial podcasting model that is supported by both research and real world business cases," said Smith.

    "Nanocasting refers to the programming produced for the most narrowly but clearly defined target audience. This is the audience that is most interested in the type of programming, and from a marketing standpoint, the audience that is most likely to buy related products," said Smith.

    The five programs are podcasted, streamed, available through RSS subscription and nanocasted using RTS (Really Targeted Syndication). The pilot programs can be accessed at the links below:

    "The business-model driven approach that Nanocasting takes resonated with us pretty quickly. It was compelling enough that we built our entire business plan around it and have made a significant commitment to the venture," said Dr. Jim Mangneillo, founder of MESICS Fitness.

    Beyond the five programs introduced today, Jackstreet Media has completed deals to develop Nanocasting pilots for renowned marketing strategist Jack Trout, self-publishing expert Dan Poynter and a radio program with Steven Covey based on his new book, "Business at the Speed of Trust."

    "Internet radio is an emerging category. Every category will divide, and what you're seeing now with Nanocasting and podcasting, this is a division," said Jack Trout, co-founder of the concept of positioning. "This is a new thing that is being born in terms of delivering radio," said Trout.

    For more information on the Nanocasting business model contact: Jeannette Bernstein at 818-245-1601 or 818-334-4322 or send email to You may also stay abreast of Nanocasting developments by joining the International Nanocasting Alliance at

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