Boingo Adds Key Asian Airports to Worldwide Wi-Fi Network

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Roaming Agreements With Centrin Communications (Indonesia) and MilCom Systems (Thailand) Add Four Major Airports and Dozens of Hot Spots to the Boingo(R)

     Roaming System

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 28 -Boingo Wireless, the world's leading Wi-Fi network aggregator, today announced further expansion of its hot spot network in Indonesia and Thailand, including four key airports in the two countries. Boingo signed roaming agreements with Centrin Communications Ltd. for access to its hot spots on the islands of Indonesia, and with MilCom Systems for access to one of Thailand's highest-profile hot spot networks.

    With these agreements, the Boingo global network includes more than 3,700 hot spots in nine Asian countries including China/Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Worldwide, the network includes 25,000 hot spots.

    "Adding key airports in Indonesia and Thailand helps us round out our Asian Wi-Fi network at a time when business travel to Asia is growing dramatically," said Allen Pan, Boingo's director of network strategy for Asia-Pacific. "These agreements give Boingo customers access to desirable locations in Indonesia and Thailand, as we continue to pursue our goal of a ubiquitous network across Southeast Asia."

    Centrin Brings Airport & McDonald's Restaurant Locations

    The agreement with Centrin Communications delivers Internet access to Boingo(R) Roaming System subscribers in lounges and other terminal locations in Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the primary commuter airport serving Indonesia. Other locations include cafes and McDonald's restaurants in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung.

    The company's fast-growing Centrin Online network is expected to have up to 30 locations in 2006. Centrin Communications is a division of Centrin Online, Indonesia's third largest ISP, which is adding Wi-Fi access to its complete portfolio of Internet access services.

    "Centrin is embracing Wi-Fi as a cost-effective way to complement our other Internet access businesses and to extend our reach to more customers throughout the islands of Indonesia. Partnering with Boingo gives us a way to benefit from the growing population of business travelers and vacationers to our country," said Huianto, sales & marketing manager of Centrin.

    Milcom Brings More than 60 Locations, Including Three Airports

    Through its WLAN Net service, MilCom Systems provides Internet access at popular business and tourist destinations across Thailand, including the country's three major international airports -- Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai -- as well as more than 60 hotspots at Thai hotels and cafes in major metro cities as well as resort locations.

    "There is great excitement in Thailand over Wi-Fi services but the connection quality varies and performance claims can be confusing. We are building WLAN Net into a premier service provider with a brand name that stands for high-quality services. Working with Boingo enhances that brand strategy," said Ratanna Metem, MilCom managing director.

    25,551 Reasons to Use Boingo

    Boingo gives business travelers the best choice of Wi-Fi hot spots by combining 25,000 locations from more than 100 leading Wi-Fi operators into one worldwide network. Boingo users can connect to any of these locations with a single Boingo account using Boingo's free Wi-Fi client software, which combines more than 450 network names into one "Boingo Wireless" network to simplify identifying and connecting to commercial Wi-Fi networks.

    Boingo also partners with service providers to allow their users to access these hot spots through its Boingo Platform Services program. The program provides partners with access to this network, customized client software, and a full suite of back-office billing, roaming, mediation and clearinghouse services to allow them to offer their own Wi-Fi service quickly and cost effectively. To date, the company has announced Platform Services partnerships with BT Infonet, Earthlink, Fiberlink, Nextel Communications, MCI, Skype and Telecom Italia.

    About Boingo Wireless

    Boingo Wireless, Inc. is an ultra-high-speed wireless Internet service available in tens of thousands of locations such as hotels, airports, cafes and other public places in dozens of countries throughout the world. The Boingo Roaming System comprises hundreds of Wi-Fi network operators, which are accessible through Boingo's connection software for laptops, PDAs, dual-mode phones and other embedded devices. The software -- available in SDK and white label GUI versions -- makes finding and connecting to Wi-Fi networks point-and-click simple, improving productivity for people on the go by enabling their device of choice for Wi-Fi roaming authentication. With the largest aggregated Wi-Fi network in the world, coupled with best-in-class software solutions for both laptops and portable devices, Boingo helps carriers and ISPs keep their customers connected with a high-quality broadband wireless connection. More information about Boingo is available at

    Boingo is a registered trademark of Boingo Wireless Inc.


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