Game Developer Magazine's Top 20 Publishers Report Awards Electronic Arts Top Honors

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     Activision and Nintendo Ascend List, Atari Slips;

     Bandai and Capcom Knock Out Koei and Empire

    SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24 -Game Developer's anticipated yearly "Top 20 Publishers" report has been released, definitively charting the movers and shakers, and outlining the current shape of the video game publishing industry.

    The study rates the world's leading game publishers' performance in several areas. Six different measures are taken into consideration on top of revenue -- annual turnover, number of title releases, average review score, producer quality, reliability of milestone payments, and the quality of staff pay and perks.

    For the third year in a row, Electronic Arts (EA) has grabbed the top slot on the "Top 20 Publishers" chart. EA reached an annual revenue of more than $3.1 billion, continued high output and received positive average reviews for its titles. However, the company faced some serious competition from fellow publishers like Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, all of whom had very strong showings this year and rounded out the top 5 in that order.

    "Game Developer magazine's survey compiles the essential ranking for each publisher, not just simply using raw revenue values," Simon Carless, editor, Game Developer magazine, said. "This year's research reflects the continuing consolidation of third-party publishers, as well as strong software line-ups by the major hardware manufacturers."

    Highlights from the report include:

     * Activision jumped from last year's ranking of No. 7 to No. 2, as the

     company saw popular titles such as X-Men Legends, the Tony Hawk's

     Underground series, Spider-Man 2, and Rome: Total War register

     positively under multiple criteria

     * Microsoft dropped down one spot to No. 3, following Activision's

     strong multi-SKU showing, but is looking to the Fall launch of the

     Xbox 360 to provide a strong, well-reviewed first-party lineup

     * Stronger years for Bandai, LucasArts and Capcom have helped the

     companies secure spots on the list, knocking Koei and Empire out of

     the Top 20 and filling the gap left by Acclaim's bankruptcy

     * Atari unfortunately slipped four places to No. 13, but is relying on

     key titles such as The Matrix: Path of Neo to reestablish a powerhouse


    Game Developer magazine's 2005 Top 20 Publishers guide will be available on most major newsstands and bookstores through November 14, 2005. For more information about this issue, and to access a digital copy, visit

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