New PodSpider Search Engine Delivers Largest Directory of Podcasts in English, Breaks Barrier of 20,000 Podcasts

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    KARLSRUHE, Germany, Oct. 6 -RapidSolution Software today took another aggressive step toward its goal of becoming the market leader in podcasting technology by unveiling its new PodSpider Portal. The new internet-based podcast search engine leaps beyond the Apple iTunes directory, providing access to over 20,000 podcasts and the largest directory of podcasts available in the English language. The portal, available at , coincides with a new release of PodSpider offering fully-automatic synchronization between a user's PC and MP3 player.

    PodSpider = Podcast Search Engine + Windows Software with Podcast Database

    When released in August 2005, PodSpider 1.2 was the first Windows podcast software to deliver an integrated podcast database. The database, containing the automatically-updated PodSpider Directory, enabled podcast enthusiasts to locate podcasts on any desired subject an order of magnitude faster than when using other solutions. The new freeware version PodSpider FreeEdition 1.3 offers fully-automatic synchronization between a user's PC and MP3 player. Since its successful international release in August, thousands of podcasters and podcast enthusiasts have registered for PodSpider's free service.

    New PodSpider Portal Offers Internet's Largest Collection of Podcasts in English

    The enhanced PodSpider search engine populates the new PodSpider Portal with over 20,000 international podcasts in English, conveniently organized into 25 subject areas and 300 categories. PodSpider now offers the largest collection of English-language podcasts available on the net, surpassing the Apple iTunes podcast project many times over. "The goal of our new portal is to make PodSpider the leading search engine technology for podcasting. Organizations and businesses can also request PodSpider -- pre-bundled with their own private podcasts for their own private audiences -- free of charge," observed Hannes Prokoph, RapidSolution's Chairman, when asked to comment about the new releases.

    Podcasting -- Radio of the Future, On Demand

    Podcasts are radio shows that can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on any MP3 player. Excluding the established broadcasting companies, the largest growth in the number of podcasts is currently occurring in the private sector.

    About RapidSolution

    RapidSolution Software is a leading provider of music software. In addition to PodSpider, RapidSolution offers numerous additional products including the popular solutions,, and RapidSolution products can be purchased on-line and in specialty stores.

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