RoboGroup Signs $1.2 Million e-Learning and Technology Labs Contract

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    ROSH HA'AYIN, Israel, Oct. 16 - RoboGroup T.E.K. Ltd. (Nasdaq: ROBO) today announced that it has signed a contract to provide e-learning systems and technology labs to a chain of training institutions abroad. The scope of the said contract is approximately $1.2 million. The systems, which are part of RoboGroup's offering to customers include: TrainNet, LearnMate, training content and technology labs.

    TrainNet, a synchronous system, provides LIVE interactive distance learning lessons, reaching large number of students in geographically dispersed areas via Internet and/or satellite communications, enabling delivery of instructional material to students located also in remote undeveloped locations. TrainNet utilizes tools similar to the ones used in a regular classroom, where both students and instructors can see and hear each other, share and write on a white board and jointly review slides, enabling the best instructors to deliver courses to a broad student base.

    LearnMate, an asynchronous e-learning system combines a management system (LCMS) and a wide range of learning content. Each student studies at his convenience and at his level and pace. Instructors can supervise and track the students' progress. LearnMate enables development, management, and delivery of content and tutorials of any kind.

    As part of the contract, RoboGroup will deliver e-learning content in computerized industrial technologies, including a wide-range of RoboGroup's simulation software that form part of a virtual learning process. RoboGroup will also deliver, as part of the contract, technology laboratories, including a lab for Computerized Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) systems, to enable instructors and students to train and operate production lines and industrial automation, in a wide range of processes

    Gidi Nimoy, VP Sales and Marketing at RoboGroup, commented: "I am pleased with our new contract. RoboGroup's broad product lines provide a unique combination of distance learning, frontal learning in classes, virtual learning via Internet and practical "Hands On" training in laboratories -- known as 'blended learning' approach. RoboGroup's approach allows keeping a training framework, individually and in classes, for geographically dispersed students, by integrating cutting-edge technologies".

    The Company expects to supply the systems under the said contract in the course of 2005-2006.


    RoboGroup and its subsidiaries are engaged in two major fields of activity. The first is the field of education devoted to RoboGroup's training products and e-learning systems. RoboGroup is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing technology training systems. The Company is market driven, deriving its growth from technological leadership, strong partnerships and management expertise. The other field of activity is the development, manufacturing and marketing of motion control products for the industrial market, which is performed through the Company's subsidiary, Yaskawa Eshed Technologies (YET). For more information, visit

    To the extent that this press release discusses expectations about market conditions or about market acceptance and future sales of the Company's products, or otherwise makes statements about the future, such statements are forward-looking and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially from the statements made. These factors include the rapidly changing technology and evolving standards in the industries in which the Company and its subsidiaries operate, risks associated with the acceptance of new products by individual customers and by the market place and other factors discussed in the business description and management discussion and analysis sections of the Company's Annual Report on Form 20-F.

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     Michal Afuta



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     Ayelet Shiloni

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