UICI Builds Interactive Enterprise Portal on BEA WebLogic

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Portal Provides Employees with Collaborative Work Environment, Employee Self-Service, and Reduced Operational Costs

SAN JOSE, Calif.—March 24, 2003—BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced that UICI (NYSE: UCI), a provider of insurance and financial services for individuals and families, has built a collaborative employee portal on BEA WebLogic Portal®, improving company-wide productivity and communication while reducing operating costs.

UICI sells health and life insurance policies designed primarily for self-employed workers and their families, employees of small businesses, and students.  The firm generated revenues of more than $1 billion in the last fiscal year.  With its 2,400 employees working at locations throughout the country, UICI opted to deploy an enterprise portal utilizing BEA WebLogic Portal as a smart, simplified means of maintaining strong intra-company communication, eliminating redundant processes reducing operating costs, and maximizing the productivity of employees and agents whose work requires interaction with people who are based in different offices.

"Our BEA-powered 'UICI Connection' portal is a strategic asset that enables us to improve efficiency, control overhead, and shorten the time required for many important business processes," said Brian Clark, Interim CIO at UICI.  "One application integrated into our portal lets us administer and grade compliance tests for sales agents across the country.    A staff person used to travel around the country administering and scoring tests.  We had to file large amounts of paper and manually review our files to check compliance.  Now, it's all online.  Everything is automated.  Self-service access to this one application saves us countless dollars and man/hours."

UICI considered portal platforms from BEA, IBM, and TIBCO.  The decision to go with BEA was based on BEA's ability to provide a consistent platform on which UICI could build current and future projects, as well as the ability to provide a comprehensive set of portal capabilities from a single vendor.  In addition, UICI liked BEA's strong support for open standards, which will protect UICI's investment and maximize flexibility, and BEA's market leadership.  Leadership was particularly important to UICI because the firm was looking for a solid, long-term technology partner whose platform could evolve and grow with UICI's business requirements, providing a strategic competitive edge.

"BEA's ability to provide us what we needed out-of-the-box while providing complete flexibility was what made it the best choice for UICI," said Clark.  "BEA provides a consistent architecture - that will serve our needs now and take us into the future.  We rely on our portal for online collaboration, inter-office communication, which is crucial for company culture and productivity, and for many of our HR processes, including payroll and benefits enrollment.  In fact, the portal saved us from having to print and distribute 4,000 benefits packages during our last open enrollment.  That's a huge savings that we'll realize during every enrollment period."

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