Baneki Offers Freeware Solution to Chinese Government Blocking of iTunes

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Censorship comes in all shapes and sizes, from trivial to momentous, and is hardly difficult to find in the world today. We generally look towards legislative and/or political solutions to this disease of institutional censorship, but we must also remember that, today, other solutions exist.

    CHILLIWACK, British Columbia, Aug. 26 // -- At 9am PST today, Baneki Privacy Computing began providing a pool of dedicated VPN accounts to Chinese citizens, so that they are able once again to freely and reliably access Apple's iTunes music store. This service is free, and is a donation we provide to the global community -- our small effort to push back against the slow tide of censorship and authoritarian control structures. Using our existing, OpenVPN-based privacy framework, we've pulled together a quick and effective solution to this current censorship problem, which we plan to expand further in the future.

    Our solution isn't perfect; it is essentially a beta version of a freeware implementation of our full-featured, paid VPN service -- one which we have quickly modified to address the Chinese iTunes issue. As such, we expect to release a more formalized, 1.x version in the near future. For now, our 0.x beta offering is effective and reliable -- though not as streamlined as our regular offerings.

    It is possible to look at the world and all the challenges it faces, and lose hope in finding a path of positive transformation. We choose, instead, to search actively for the opportunities that technology provides to nurture the most generous and compassionate components of the human spirit. To push back against censorship is a noble endeavor; we take pride in placing ourselves in the long tradition of those who embrace open thought and open minds. In its own small way, we hope that our current response to the Chinese government's ham-fisted censorship of artistic celebration of the Tibetan cause honors those fellow travelers worldwide who embody the true spirit of diversity.

    Baneki Privacy Computing is a distributed provider of effective, open, customer-friendly privacy protection and censorship avoidance services. Our offerings combine the most advanced cryptographic and structural methodologies with genuine concern for ease of use and practicality, with the goal of making genuine privacy protection trivially easy to attain for our customers. With a number of in-house brands geared towards specific customer groups, Baneki's European office is located in Glasgow, Scotland; North American administrative facilities are in British Columbia, Canada. Baneki's CTO and co-founder, Douglas Spink, is additionally known for his work with Exitpoint Stallions Limit e (, and with his partner, the world-renowned show jumping stallion Capone I. He speaks and writes on related topics at conferences and gatherings worldwide.

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     Source: Baneki Privacy Computing, Inc.

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