BUSCAPE Acquires 70% of FControl - http://www.fcontrol.com.br - a leading remote transaction Risk Management Company

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- The powerful FControl technology has been evolving for many years. -Its constant development has allowed for unprecedented precision in the

     distinction between valid and fraudulent transactions. -New FControl clients will have a chance to try the tool free of charge for

     6 months.

    SAO PAULO, Brazil, March 6 // -- BuscaPe (http://www.buscape.com), owner of the first and largest Comparison Shopping Engine sites in Latin America has announced the acquisition of FControl (http://www.fcontrol.com.br), a leading innovator in remote purchase transactions risk management (fraud) services.

    A pioneer in Brazil, and currently with more than 700 clients, FControl has put forward a uniquely proven capacity to distinguish between valid and fraudulent transactions by using an innovative neural network technology which has a self-learning artificial intelligence system thus adjusting itself automatically to the hostile environment of online fraudulent purchase transactions.

    "Although FControl's neural network technology and artificial intelligence are capable of resolving complex engineering cases as well as performing optimization of credit processing flows, the initial objective of this acquisition is to provide a solution that will enable online entrepreneurs to deal with online fraud, which is the main cause of the premature death of small and medium businesses on the Internet," states Romero Rodrigues, founder and president of BuscaPe.com Inc. (http://www.buscape.com).

    By acquiring FControl, BuscaPe is going to make this extremely sophisticated tool, whose access has previously been restricted to large companies, available to all online entrepreneurs. "In addition to providing a powerful fraud prevention tool to online merchants, the integration of FControl's solutions with the risk management systems of Pagamento Digital (http://www.pagamentodigital.com.br), an online payment platform acquired by BuscaPe in January, should allow us to be even more efficient at protecting merchants and consumers from the threats of Internet fraud," says Rene Abe, VP of BuscaPe and manager of BuscaPe Financial Services.

    FControl, although an independent company, was created by the fraud prevention department of the company CiaShop Solucoes for Comercio Eletronico Ltda. "The FControl system was specifically developed for remote purchases based on market and CiaShop customer needs. Its success in fraud prevention has been such that, in tandem with the growth of e-commerce itself, it made FControl's independence viable, and has been a decisive factor in the success of hundreds of clients in their online initiatives," says Mauricio Trezub, FControl's co-founder and Technical Director.

    6 months of FControl Analysis for free

    FControl already offers a vast portfolio of products, ranging from risk management consulting and engineering of artificial intelligence for specific applications to a complete set of full outsourcing services for in-house risk analysis operations -- and, as the first practical result of its acquisition by BuscaPe, FControl is going to offer one of its fraud prevention analyses free of charge for 6 months to all new clients of FControl.

    Online Consumers, for their part, may benefit from greater convenience and fewer online purchasing costs, while merchants' savings in costs related to Internet transaction fraud charges may be passed along in the form of more attractive prices.

    About BuscaPe

    Creator of the Leading Latin American Comparison Shopping Engine site for product searching and price comparison, http://www.buscape.com.br, since June 1999, Grupo BuscaPe.com (http://www.buscape.com) has grown to become a conglomerate of media properties focused on the process of purchasing decisions in Latin American e-commerce. With more than 30 million visits each month and a presence in 28 countries, BuscaPe is the absolute leader in purchasing decisions in Latin America.

    Its main properties are:

    BuscaPe (http://www.buscape.com.br): leader in price comparison, present in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia; BuscaPe compares prices for more than 7,000,000 products sold by 60,000 companies. It is also responsible for shopping at more than 100 portals, including Microsoft MSN, Yahoo, Abril, Globo and Terra.

    Bondfaro (http://www.bondfaro.com.br): leader in product research and information, Bondfaro helps consumers to decide which product is the right one to buy. With a greater focus on the product, the site offers videos and evaluations by its own specialists, as well as by the users themselves.

    e-bit (http://www.ebit.com.br): This company won a name for itself in the development of e-commerce in Brazil, gaining recognition as the most respected source of information on e-commerce with more than 5.5 million research projects compiled since 2000 in more than 1,500 affiliated virtual stores. Starting in 2008 it is expanding its activities in Latin America in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

    QueBarato! (http://www.quebarato.com.br): absolute leader in free classifieds, the recently launched QueBarato is present in 28 countries, all Spanish or Portuguese-speaking, allowing people to advertise their products, services, cars and real estate swiftly, efficiently and free of charge.

    Pagamento Digital (http://www.pagamentodigital.com.br): The safest online payment management platform on the internet. It offers a simple, fast, low- cost way especially designed for online merchants and buyers to buy the best the Internet has to offer with the security they need.

    About FControl

    FControl (http://www.fcontrol.com.br) has been providing solutions for fraud risk management in remote transactions since 2003. Offering services ranging from analysis of remote transactions and consulting as well as operational management of fraud management processes to complete outsourcing of internal fraud risk-management teams, FControl has acquired its flawless reputation by the precision of its technology in distinguishing legitimate from fraudulent transactions for companies all over Brazil.
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