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From Record Stores to Pay Phones, Identifies 10 Businesses

     Facing Extinction

    IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 11 // -- While time will only tell for sure, based on recent trends and statistics, the odds of survival for places like record stores, gay bars, used bookstores and coin-operated arcades are definitely grim. takes a look at these and others in a list of 10 businesses facing extinction in the next 10 years.

    "Knowing what's happening in different industries is no doubt part of being a successful entrepreneur," says Dave Pomije, VP of site development at "That's why we give our visitors a look at what's in store for some businesses, helping entrepreneurs plan for the future of their own companies and take advantage of hidden opportunities that come from foreseeing market trends."

    The 10 businesses slated for demise include record stores, which may come as no surprise after Tower Records shut down all 89 of its stores just last year. The traditional record store is simply no competition for online music stores and chains like Wal-Mart, which can offer lower prices and offset smaller CD sales with other items sold.

    Other businesses noted with the odds stacked against them may be a bit more of a surprise, including gay bars. As gay men and women continue to gain greater acceptance in society, what used to be hangouts for people who felt unwelcome elsewhere are becoming less necessary. But as with many industries, the very best will endure, and the rest will simply become a part of history.

    In the video game industry, the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and casual online gaming have helped create growth, but the same can't be said for standalone arcades. Ten years ago, there were 10,000 arcades in the U.S.; now the number is close to 3,000. Revenue has also dropped dramatically from $2.3 billion in 1994 to $866 million in 2006, with no sign of better times ahead.

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