Citi Bringing Music to Your Ears with iTunes Points Reward Program in U.K.

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Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C)
March 12, 2007
Citi Bringing Music to Your Ears with iTunes Points Reward Program in U.K.
Citi has added iTunes music points to the list of benefits available to Citi Platinum MasterCard cardholders on everyday purchases at home or abroad. This new reward program is available to customers applying for a Citi Platinum MasterCard with iTunes rewards.
Cardholders earn 1 iTunes music point for every £1 spent on their card. Points can be redeemed for iTunes music downloads; iTunes voucher cards, or even an iPod Nano. Cardholders simply download music from iTunes and call Citi to credit their credit card account with the value of the iTunes downloaded, up to the maximum allowed by their points balance, or alternatively call Citi and request the iTunes voucher or iPod Nano.
Only 150 points are needed before cardholders can start to redeem them. One music track, costing 79p from iTunes, requires 150 points, a single music video costing £1.89 requires 400 points, and a £15 iTunes Music Card requires 2,000 points.
Key Benefits include: In addition, as a Citi Platinum MasterCard holder, customers are recognized the world over, no matter where they travel, and enjoy an array of exclusive benefits developed exclusively for Platinum Card customers. These include the following free services: Citi Identity Theft Solutions, an online shopping fraud guarantee, Active Fraud Protection, price match guarantee, 12 months extended warranty, free purchase protection and optional cardholder repayment protection (CRP) and Card Protection Plan Plus (CPP Plus).**
For further information on Citibank’s services and products, or to apply for a Citi Platinum MasterCard, simply visit or call CitiPhone on 0870 908 6000.
*For important legal information and disclosures about this product and the reward program, please visit our website:
**For important information on our insurance products, see the Insurance Terms & Conditions on our website:
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