Infragistics Announces Full Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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NetAdvantage takes advantage of new capabilities in Visual Studio 2008 to

     provide a flexible and simplified development cycle

    PRINCETON, N.J. and ELSTREE, United Kingdom, Feb. 27 // -- Infragistics, a world leader in presentation layer development tools, today announced that NetAdvantage for .Net 2008 volume 1 and NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 volume 2 are compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. The NetAdvantage user interface components take advantage of many of the new features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to enable developers and development teams to create immersive user experiences and compelling applications. For more information, visit

    "Microsoft is pleased to see that Infragistics has worked to make NetAdvantage for .NET and NetAdvantage for WPF compatible with Visual Studio 2008. Development teams can now create innovative user experiences on the latest Microsoft platforms including Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the Web," said Jay Roxe, group product manager for Visual Studio, Developer Division, at Microsoft Corp.

    "NetAdvantage takes advantage of the new capabilities in the Visual Studio 2008 framework with enhanced support for Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and improved Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) design tools in our ASP.NET product to enable collaboration between developers and designers inside the design surface," said Steve Dadoly, vice president of Engineering at Infragistics. "Plus, NetAdvantage for WPF makes use of advanced features like IntelliSense, which provides the ability to add tools to the design toolbox and design surface drag and drop capabilities to simplify development."

    NetAdvantage and Visual Studio 2008 expand and improve capabilities for software developers and teams to simplify the development cycle.

    Some of the key features in Visual Studio 2008 that NetAdvantage takes advantage of are:

    .NET Framework multi-targeting development: Infragistics recognizes that while development teams are excited to begin development of applications on the new .NET Framework 3.5, they will also need to continue to maintain existing applications written against the .NET Framework 2.0. Therefore, Infragistics' ASP.NET controls are available as native assemblies compiled against both framework versions so that developers can work completely in their chosen framework version. Additionally, NetAdvantage also supports using the .NET Framework 2.0 assemblies in a .NET Framework 3.5 project.

    CSS Design Tools: NetAdvantage for ASP.NET uses the CSS design tools in Visual Studio 2008 which enables collaboration between developers and designers inside the design surface.

    Integration of ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Extensions into .NET Framework 3.5: The .NET Framework 3.5 integrates the advanced AJAX capabilities previously released as the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0. Because Infragistics' new NetAdvantage for ASP.NET controls are built directly on top of the AJAX capabilities, developers can take advantage of this improved integration without the need for extensions or additional application configuration.

    LinqDataSource control in ASP.NET 3.5: LINQ introduces revolutionary new query capabilities to the .NET Framework 3.5, making it easier for developers to integrate and manage the mountains of data their users need in their applications. ASP.NET developers can leverage the new LinqDataSource control to easily introduce LINQ capabilities into their application, using the familiar Data Source Control pattern that has existed since ASP.NET 2.0. The WebGrid in NetAdvantage for ASP.NET 8.1 has been modified to understand how to bind to LINQ queries and the LinqDataSource control makes it easier for developers to not only query the data, but to integrate the query results into their applications.

    Visual Studio Design Time Support - The NetAdvantage for WPF controls render at design time and provide drag drop functionality, resizing logic, and other enhancements to the Visual Studio 2008 design surface.

    Toolbox Integration - The NetAdvantage for WPF controls appear directly in the toolbox for a seamless feel for developers utilizing the traditional WPF paradigm.

    IntelliSense Support - Full IntelliSense support inside of both the code- behind and the xaml files help developers quickly code against the object model using NetAdvantage for WPF.

    About Infragistics

    Infragistics has been the market leader in the presentation layer components industry for over 18 years. Infragistics offer the most comprehensive user interface component toolsets available for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and JSF to empower developers to build and style immersive user experiences in line of business applications. Infragistics also offers user interface testing tools, support, training and consulting services. Infragistics continues to grow worldwide with offices in the US, UK, Japan, Bulgaria, France, Canada and India. For additional information on Infragistics, products and career opportunities, please visit or call us in the US at 1 (800)231-8588 1 (609) 448-2000, in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa (EMEA) at +44 (0) 20 8387 1474, or in Japan at +81-3-5474-8040.

    Infragistics, the Infragistics logo and NetAdvantage, are registered trademarks of Infragistics, Inc. All other products, logos, or brand names are service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks, and are the property of their respective owners.
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