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-LiquidTalk's secure corporate podcasting solution draws venture cash to

     Chicago startup-

    CHICAGO, April 10 // -- Mobile-media pioneer LiquidTalk, Inc. announces a multi-million dollar investment from Meakem Becker Venture Capital. Chicago-based LiquidTalk's enterprise software enables businesses to securely access iPods, Smart Phones, and other mobile digital media players for corporate training, sales initiatives, and long-distance learning.

    "We are tremendously pleased with the confidence that Meakem Beaker is showing in LiquidTalk and its business model," says Dave Peak, LiquidTalk CEO. "In less than three years, podcasting has become the preferred medium for on-the-go personal entertainment. Now, LiquidTalk is taking that technology to the next level, allowing corporate clients to "push" secure, time-sensitive employer content to an unlimited number of employees, wherever they are in the world. This is the age of what we call 'Liquid Learning."

    The 2006 AP-AOL-Pew Research Center Mobile Lifestyle Survey reports that, worldwide, mobile devices outnumber personal computers by a ratio of twelve to one. LiquidTalk's enterprise podcast recording and delivery model is leading the move to a time when mobile devices become "a briefcase in a pocket," giving sales reps and other off-site employees the ability to "pull" training videos, product specs, and corporate messages into their portable media players. LiquidTalk also gives anyone in the network the power to "push" corporate information -- for example, for a CEO to announce a new acquisition to employees -- back to specific departments, employee groups, or to all employees and channel partners signed up to the service.

    "Companies want to be able to continuously update the knowledge base of their employees," says David Becker, Managing Partner, Meakem Becker, "and today's mobile workforce wants to be able to access that knowledge anytime, anywhere -- in a car, at the gym, or during an actual sales call. We believe that LiquidTalk represents the future of business in a mobile world."

    LiquidTalk, Inc. creates enterprise business applications for iPods and similar digital media players. Its technology and services provide new ways for businesses to create, organize, and distribute proprietary knowledge for high-value situations including employee learning, sales enablement, and employee communication. LiquidTalk is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and is an active player in the burgeoning high-tech community of the South Loop, which includes the University Technology Park at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

    For more information contact:

    Tatiana Golubeva, Marketing Director

    (773) 3153717
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