New Online Information Repository Helps Consumers Safekeep Key Data and Respond Quickly in Emergency or Disaster

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New Turnkey Product For Individuals, Families, Financial Services Firms and


    SAN RAFAEL, Calif., July 23 // -- AxcessPoints Inc., today announced the availability of a secure, online information repository to store and retrieve critical personal, medical, financial and family information to minimize the impact of an emergency or rebuild quickly after a natural catastrophe.

    Founded by a senior insurance company executive, AxcessPoints provides individuals and families with a personalized storage repository where key information can be easily input, modified and accessed via a standard web browser. AxcessPoints centralizes and organizes data to enable individuals and families to quickly file insurance claims, access bank or investment account information, check on medical histories and find key contacts. While the information is secure, users can choose to share sections from their plan with other family members or trusted advisors.

    AxcessPoints is available directly to consumers at For insurance companies and financial institutions, AxcessPoints is available as a turnkey solution for a company's website. For corporations, AxcessPoints is offered as a plug-and-play Intranet solution to support business continuity plans required under Sarbanes-Oxley and as an employee benefit.

    Using AxcessPoints' Member Center, users have the discretion to provide limited or complete access to their information to family members who may be called on to help in an emergency. AxcessPoints also offers comprehensive planning and disaster preparedness resources, including tools to help individuals create a detailed disaster plan.

    In addition, AxcessPoints' provides a first-of-its kind Emergency Toolkit, an interactive calculator that helps families create a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit. The tool calculates the right level of supplies and other necessary items by factoring in age, gender, disabilities and animals, including livestock.

    AxcessPoints is available to consumers for $9.95 per month and is sold on a branded or private-label basis to insurance companies, banks, brokerages, and other financial services companies. AxcessPoints is also marketed to publicly traded corporations to help with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to Human Resources, Compliance or Procurement departments.

    "AxcessPoints is a smart way for individuals, financial institutions and businesses to be prepared in case a disaster strikes and to avoid the chaos that followed events such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew," said AxcessPoints CEO Karlyn Carnahan. "AxcessPoints is marketed through different channels to consumers, financial services companies and corporations, but its mission is the same: To organize and safeguard key personal, medical, financial and family information in a low-cost, completely secure, easy-to-use environment."

    Carnahan's 20 years of experience in the insurance industry includes executive positions for Fireman's Fund, InsWeb and OLoop. She also worked in the insurance company practices of both Accenture and Sun Microsystems. Carnahan, who has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, started AxcessPoints to address a critical need identified both by individuals and disaster relief experts following a spate of disasters in the United States over the past few years.

    AxcessPoints supports the federal government's recommendation that individuals have the capability to store key information online. The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina, issued by the Bush Administration White House, recommended that the federal Health and Human Services Department and the Department of Homeland Security "should jointly work with the private sector to encourage the development of a capacity to voluntarily store and retrieve personal identifying information." The capability is best thought of as a 21st century version of a bank vault, with virtual safe deposit boxes for information. Disaster victims could access the virtually stored data to apply for Federal assistance, medical treatment, or insurance benefits."

    AxcessPoints Safeguards Confidential Information

    AxcessPoints has implemented a series of security and privacy policies to safeguard personal information, including the following:

    -- All of AxcessPoints information is protected using industry-standard

     SSL encryption before it is sent to the AxcessPoints website. This

     safeguards information while it is sent over the Internet.

    -- No passwords are ever stored. AxcessPoints calculates a mathematical

     representation of a password, known as a "hash," which is verified upon

     logon. This hash, and not the password, is stored in AxcessPoints'

     secure database. The hash cannot be used to decrypt data, nor can the

     hash be easily reversed to obtain passwords. AxcessPoints uses that

     hash as the key for 256-bit Advanced Encrypted Standard (AES)

     encryption. The 256-bit AES has been approved for U.S. government to

     protect top secret classified data.

    -- Confidential and sensitive information is stored encrypted on a

     dedicated server. The server is locked and caged in a secure hosting

     data center with restricted access. All extra server ports are closed


    "The safety and security of personal information stored at AxcessPoints is our paramount concern," Carnahan said. "That's why we've implemented military-grade security and privacy protections, and we have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that private, confidential data remains that way."

    About AxcessPoints

    AxcessPoints is an online planning resource that helps individuals and families better organize critical personal, medical and financial information and minimize the impact of a natural disaster. AxcessPoints provides a personalized, highly secure information repository that enables clients to quickly retrieve critical information to start rebuilding their lives. Accessible anywhere via a standard web browser, AxcessPoints can be configured to share critical information with family, friends and others who are geographically separated. With AxcessPoints, consumers have a single, low-cost solution that provides all the information, tools and resources to recover quickly from a natural disaster, help a loved one separated by distance and be better organized in general. For more information, visit, or 415-234-6358.
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