Acquires Equipment and Licensing to Manufacture Xstamper Products

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SAN MARCOS, Calif., Jan. 11 // -- Southern California's, the fastest-growing provider of online rubber stamps in America, has become one of the first companies in the United States to acquire new Xstamper laser stamp-making equipment and licensing from Japan's Shachihata, Inc. Due to a patented process and patented rubber making technology, Xstamper stamps are world-renowned for their top quality and durability providing 100,000 crisp, clean, laser-engraved impressions with a lifetime guarantee.

    According to Rubber Stamp Champ owner Mike Roozen, "Xstamper is very selective about licensing new dealers, and we are only the second company in the U.S.A. to have the new laser equipment. has grown 2000% in the last three years and served nearly a quarter million customers since putting the website up initially in '02. Thousands of people from individuals to large corporations and governmental agencies have taken advantage of Rubber Stamp Champ's low prices, fast turnaround and easy online ordering at"

    "We put up," said Roozen, "an e-commerce website where it would be easier and more efficient than ever to order rubber stamps online. Additionally, we offered shock-and-awe pricing to the general public ... something that had never been done before in the rubber stamp industry."

    Roozen's wife and business partner Sheree says, "In '01, we existed on local sales. Due to our success online, we now have over 15 full-time employees with complete vacation and benefit packages and the capability to turn out 8,000 rubber stamps a day. We serve about 6,000 new customers a month as well as thousands of repeat customers. People find it refreshing to work with a company that really does what it promises to do."

    The Roozens plan to keep growing the company by continually living up to their name, Rubber Stamp Champ, and by offering Xstamper, Ideal and a host of other products online at

    For further information, please contact Mike or Sheree Roozen at:

     Rubber Stamp Champ

     1320 Grand Ave, #8

     San Marcos, CA 92078

     Phone: 800.469.7826

     Fax: 888.507.7826

     For more information, visit
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