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#2 on Google's 'Fastest-growing global search term' connects Americans with

     the world without annoying advertising, banner slogans or pop-ups

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22 // -- Badoo, an international sensation, with over 12.7 million users worldwide, announced its official launch in the United States. The announcement follows recent honors as Most Popular Online Community by Website-of-the-Year* in Spain and France. is now poised to take the United States by storm in 2008. According to Lucy George, Badoo's communications director, "Badoo has already been introduced into 180 countries and our rapid success has led an organic expansion and official introduction to the United States." As a truly global social network, Badoo offers its members the ability to communicate in seven different languages. That number will triple in 2008, allowing for interaction that breaks barriers, borders and benchmarks. The annual Google Zeitgeist ranked Badoo as the second fastest-growing global search term behind only the iPhone.

    Badoo gives their members direct control of their audience and reach through the use of a revolutionary and proprietary community hierarchy system called "Rise Up." This feature allows members to instantly move to the top of a rolling list of profiles gaining greater exposure for their personal profile, providing a captive, global viewership. Moreover, Badoo users enjoy superior transparency over the competition allowing their members to see who has viewed their profile and other exclusive features.

    Badoo was brought to life in 2006 by a group of forward-thinking techies who wanted more out of their social networking experience. Their vision was to create a community transcending all countries and languages while simultaneously supporting the unique local cultures of its members.

    Badoo is an interactive experience whose members can choose to be center-stage, sharing their stories, ideas, photos and lives. With positive member experience as Badoo's primary goal, the network was created with safety, simplicity and friendliness in mind. Badoo's founders believe the user experience is of the utmost importance so they decided to create a self-funded, ad-free community site where members are not bothered by advertising, banner slogans or pop-ups.

    Despite Badoo's relative infancy in the social networking arena, membership is growing at a breakneck pace with approximately one million new members joining each month. Individuals who speak multiple languages now have a medium to meet and converse with others across the globe with ease. Members further enjoy the site's lightning-quick uploads of photos and videos that enhance the customization experience.

    * For Website-of-the-Year URL in Spain:; In France:
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