Teranet and OPSEU agreement extends 4 years

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TORONTO, April 9 - - Teranet Income Fund ("Teranet" or the "Fund") is
pleased to announce that a new collective agreement has been ratified between
its operating company Teranet Inc. and the Ontario Public Service Employees
Union (OPSEU) effective January 1, 2007 and extending to December 31, 2010.
Arriving at this new agreement is indicative of the continued positive
relationship between Teranet, its employees and OPSEU. "We look forward to
continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with our bargaining unit staff
and OPSEU as their representative," said Marilyn Barber, VP Human Resources at

About Teranet Income Fund and Teranet

Teranet Income Fund is an unincorporated, open-ended trust established
under the laws of Ontario by way of a declaration of trust. The Fund was
created to indirectly acquire all of the outstanding shares of Teranet Inc.
The units of the Fund trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol

Teranet is a leading provider of integrated land-based information
products and services. Teranet operates in Ontario and provides access to the
Ontario Electronic Land Registration System ("ELRS") through its proprietary
application, Teraview(R) software. This product enables customers to conduct
electronic registrations as well as title and writ searches relating to real
property. Teranet has the exclusive right to access the data in and operate
the ELRS and the Writs of Execution database, and create and market
value-added products and services in connection with the ELRS and writs until
March 31, 2017. These licences extend on a non-exclusive basis in perpetuity
for the ELRS and until 2047 for writs. Teranet has leveraged its core
capabilities to create electronic service offerings in complementary
information and e-commerce areas.

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