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    HONG KONG, Aug. 29 /Xinhua-/ -- Organized by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) and co-organized by China Game Publishers Association (Hong Kong) (CGPA - HK), "Game Design and Finance Forum" (GDF) is to be held on 4 September, 2007 (Tuesday) aiming to spearhead the development of games in local digital entertainment industry by facilitating boundless creativity with potential venture capital.

    GDF is one of the pre-event activities of the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) 2007 (CVCF is one of the Cyberport signature annual events aim to connect the investment community to the entrepreneurs; for the past three years, CVCF 2007 will be held in December), which allows interaction and exchange of game ideas by bringing together local game industrialists, academic and upcoming talents with the world's premier game publishers, developers and entrepreneurs.

    During the forum, veteran game industry leaders are invited around the globe to come to interact and share their invaluable experience upon the areas of game design, publishing and financing and so forth. These internationally acclaimed speakers of the game industry will bring a new dimension, as well as fresh perspectives and unique insights to the GDF.

    GDF's distinguished speakers include:

    Mr. Rod Fung, Developer Account Manager, Games Developer Relations of

    Microsoft Corporation

    Rod Fung is a 17 year veteran of the video games industry with extensive

    experience as a Producer and Executive Producer at game development

    studios, top tier game publishers, and platform providers. He is a member

    of Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch team, the Xbox LIVE launch team, a member

    of Xbox's Advanced Technology Group, and currently with Microsoft's Game

    Developer Relations team.

    Mr. James Gwertzman, Vice President Asia Pacific of Popcap

    James Gwertzman is responsible for identifying and capturing new business

    opportunities for PopCap as well as managing relationships with PopCap's

    key partners. Previously he worked at Microsoft in a variety of roles,

    including Director of Online Marketing for Microsoft Asia, based out of


    Mr. Tim Nixon, Chief Executive Officer of Straylight Studios

    Straylight excels in high quality game development by the utilization of

    next generation technology for "Serious Games" and new media for the mass

    market. His understanding of the game market is grounded in years of

    retail experience and a lifelong passion for the industry, with a long

    term ambition to bring interactive experiences to the mass market.

    Mr. Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager, Next Level Games

    Justin Dowdeswell has developed two Mario soccer titles in conjunction

    with Nintendo of Japan between 2004 and 2007: Super Mario Strikers for the

    Gamecube and the sequel Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii. He initiated a

    number of new production processes focused on improving creative gameplay

    iteration, team interaction, and rapid software development.

    Mr. Michael Sikorsky, Chief Executive Officer, Cambrian House

    Cambrian House is Michael's fifth start-up, the last being Servidium,

    acquired near the height of the dot com bubble in 2000 by ThoughtWorks.

    His specialties are private equity investment, startups, marketing,

    software development, crowdsourcing, and open-source. Michael Sikorsky

    has spoken about crowdsourcing at conferences such as Community 2.0 in Las

    Vegas and Harvard Business School as part of an MBA case study.

    At the same time, you could experience the power of game industry by visiting the GameOn Exhibition at Cyberport Media Orb Gallery, The Arcade that lasts until 7 October, 2007. Together with the United Kingdom Barbican Art Gallery, the exhibition showcases more than 120 classic and modern playable game titles with 178 exhibits in more than 15 areas of interests. This is a unique exhibition for the past 45 years of computer and video games history and culture. A lot of great game concepts from the past are waiting for you to explore.

    Make your game ideas come true! The forum will also announce a follow on program called the "Stream of Thoughts -- GDF Book". The program is calling for interested parties from local companies, individuals and students to publish their latest game projects or proposals with a variety of co-production ventures locally and internationally. The booklet is expected to be distributed to 3000 local and overseas potential investors -- angel investors, venture capitalists, bankers and participants for the CVCF 2007. You are also cordially invited to submit your new game concept proposals to Cyberport IncuTrain Centre, Unit 518, Level 5, Cyberport 3 (Core F), 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong on or before 31 October, 2007 (Wednesday) (subject to the postage mark). The applications will be screened by well-known game publishers, academia and industry leaders before published. Please visit for details.

    Welcome to join the seminars to exchange your avant-garde game ideas!!

    Details of Game Design and Finance Forum:

    Date: Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

    Time: 10:15 - 16:45


     Cyberport IncuTrain Centre, Unit 518, Level 5,

     Cyberport 3 (Core F), 100 Cyberport Road, Hong


    Topic: Seminar I: Game Design : Interface and


     Time: 10: 15 - 12:30

     Registration Fee: HK$300

     Seminar II: Game Financing

     Time: 14:15 - 16:45

     Registration Fee: Free of Charge

    Language: English

    Organizer: Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

    Co-organizer: China Game Publishers Association (Hong Kong)

    Supporting organizers: Capcom Asia Company Limited; Microsoft Hong Kong

     Limited; Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong

     Limited; School of Design, The Hong Kong

     Polytechnic University; Hong Kong Institute of

     Vocational Education; Cyberport IncuTrain Centre,

     Cyberport Digital Media Centre, Cyberport

     iResource Centre

    Enquiry hotline 3166 3900


    Transport: Shuttle buses are arranged for traveling to and

     fro Cyberport.

     Details as below:

     Seminar I - Gathering Time: 10:00

     Gathering Point: the entrance of Cafe de Coral

     restaurant (facing Drake Street) at the ground

     floor of Admiralty Centre, Admiralty, Hong Kong

     Return Time: 17:00

     Return Gathering Point: Lobby, Core E, Cyberport 3

     Seminar II - Gathering Time: 13:30

     Gathering Point: the entrance of Cafe de Coral

     restaurant (facing Drake Street) at the ground

     floor of Admiralty Centre, Admiralty, Hong Kong

     Return Time: 17:10

     Return Gathering Point: Lobby, Core E, Cyberport 3

    Media enquiry

     Katherine Lam

     Cyberport IncuTrain Centre

     Tel: +852-3166-3902


     Vonnie Fung

     Cyberport Digital Media Centre

     Tel: +852-3166-3718

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