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XATA Corp.
XATA Corporation engages in developing, marketing, and servicing onboard fleet management systems for the private fleet trucking market in the United States and Canada. It provides computer solutions that are used by the manufacturing, distribution, ...View XATA Corp. Profile

Xenoport, Inc.
XenoPort, Inc. develops and markets applications to enhance bioavailability of drugs. The company’s product Transported Prodrug uses transporter genomics, assay technology, and proprietary chemistries to introduce therapeutic molecules into cells. Ad...View Xenoport, Inc. Profile

Xfone Inc.
Xfone, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide long distance voice and data telecommunications services internationally. It primarily offers local, long distance, and international telephone services; prepaid and postpaid calling cards; cellular services; ...View Xfone Inc. Profile

Xilinx Inc.
Xilinx, Inc. engages in the design, development, and marketing of programmable logic solutions. It offers advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, and predefined system functions delivered as intellectual property cores. The company’s pro...View Xilinx Inc. Profile

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc., a holding company, provides music, entertainment, and information programming for reception by vehicle, home, and portable radios, as well as over the Internet primarily in the United States. The company offers XM N...View XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. Profile

Xyratex Ltd.
Xyratex, Ltd. provides enterprise data storage subsystems and network technology in the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as in Asia and Europe. The company designs, develops, and manufactures enabling technology that provides customers w...View Xyratex Ltd. Profile

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